Global Group is composed of eight subsidiary companies, including Chengdu Global Special-Glass Manufacture Co., Ltd. (Longquanyi District, Chengdu), Sichuan Zhongke Better Technology Co., Ltd. (Shuangliu, Chengdu), GLASS Glass Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenzhou Glass Co., Ltd., Teamwork Trading Co., Ltd. (Longquanyi ……
Hong Kong International Holding Group Executives visit Lutong Global Group

February 21 -24, Chairman of the Board of Directors Lutong Zhang Xuejun International Holding Group , Daqing Lutong Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. , general manager of Lutong Xu Jingdong , Liu Shujun , vice president Lu Business Capital Group ……

Due to the high mechanical strength of the glass insulator surface, the surface cracks easily occur. Electric strength glass is generally unchanged during the entire run, and slow the aging process is much more than the porcelain should, therefore glass insulators from damage scrapped mainly due to occur in the first year of operation, but the porcelain insulator only run a few flaws after only beginning to discover.
SYGG is approved supplier of National Grid of UK, America Electrical Power,State Grid of China ,Power grid of India , Eskom of South Africa,Fingrid of Finland,ABB,SIEMENS,KPTL ect.
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